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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: Build update
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 14:00:02 GMT
Hi Steve,
    I've checked out and built everything on Ubuntu 8.04 on x86_64 on 
the command line. Builds cleanly - would like to run it.
The only issues I hit were:
    Eclipse 3.5 doesn't work - you have to build against 3.4
    Some dependencies needed installing - namely the compiler (gcc) and 
the python development libraries.

I would like others to have a go, as I suspect I'm contaminated with 
having written some instructions already.

The instructions needs to be organised so that the dependencies are 
detailed up front before the command line
and eclipse instructions come up.
Also, we seriously need some documentation on what can be done with the 
products of the build.


Steve Poole wrote:
> Better late than never -  I've finished making the changes to get the jvmti
> agent building on windows.   Looks like everything now builds out of the
> experimental branch.
> I've created a build status page at
>  which contains
> a overview of what we have so far.  Its almost complete - need to add more
> about the eclipse plugins.
> In theory you should now be able to check out the three main projects and
> build them - at least on windows and linux 32 bit.
> I'd appreciate feedback on how well this works in practise :-)
> Build instructions are here
> you should use the instructions for the restructured build. There are two
> alternatives described:  from the command line and from eclipse.  They both
> work for me :-)
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 1:01 AM, Steve Poole <>wrote:
>> 1 O'clock in the morning and all's well -   Finally I have all the
>> implementation code (including the jvmti agent) , demos and eclipse plugins
>> building on hudson.  I've used Maven to do the heavy lifting and things look
>> good.    Still got the TCK to add in but thought I'd share the good news so
>> far.
>> Now I've got this far I want to look at making the experimental branch live
>> and copy it over to trunk.   Before I do that I'd like to make sure others
>> can extract and build too!.   Tomorrow I'll post build instructions and you
>> can have a go.
>> Steve

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