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From Sonal Goyal <>
Subject Re: Using Maven
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 12:29:43 GMT
Hi All,
Sorry I should have written this email earlier. This mail will
hopefully explain what I have done so far with Maven and address any

I have tried to get the API, Test Harness and the Tests to build with
Maven. Four maven projects have been created:

1. KatoAPI - Builds the current API ie org. apache.kato.image,
org.apache.kato.runtime and packages. I have
moved the junits for the API to adhere to standard maven test package
structure - org.apache.kato.image in our case.

2. KatoAntTasks - builds the org.apache.kato.anttasks package. It uses
ant and tools.jar at compile time.

3. KatoTCK - Builds the TCK. It is dependent on the above two projects.

4. KatoTests - Builds the tests and depends on the KatoAPI and KatoTCK
for compiling.

Using Maven is pretty straightforward. It can be installed from

Please set up the environmental variables M2_HOME and M2 as per the
instructions in the link above. mvn compile can be used to compile the
projects, mvn package for packaging and mvn install for copying the
package(jar) to local repository so that it can be used by other
projects. In our case for example, we need the KatoAPI for building
KatoTCK. So, the api has to be compiled, packaged and installed.

Download the zip file of the Maven projects from:

Unzip to create the above projects on local file system.

cd katoApi
mvn compile
mvn package
mvn install

cd katoAntTasks
mvn compile
mvn package
mvn install

cd katoTCK
mvn compile
mvn package
mvn install

cd katoTests
mvn compile

This should build the files. If you wish to see how to run the tests,
try the API. cd to the api project, then mvn test. It will generate a
report for the test run.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Steve, please let me know if this is fine and you want me to check it
into SVN under the experimental branch.
Thanks and Regards,

On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Steve Poole <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sonal recently created a jira item with an example of how to use maven to
> build the kato project.
>  Looking at the code I suddenly "got it" with maven - now I understand how
> to link the various projects together.
> I played around a bit more and I found I could build eclipse plugins with
> maven too.  This is really cool and easy.
> Since I'm trying to put demos together for JavaOne that are (mostly) eclipse
> plugins I've  created an experimental branch  to see if I can get our code
> and demos to  build with maven.  I've been concerned that I might not be
> able to provide download links for the demos in time for J1 -  but now I
> think I might have a chance.
> Cheers
> Steve

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