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From Adam Pilkington <>
Subject Re: How to start using the Image API ?
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 12:50:08 GMT
I've been looking a bit further into the issue of bootstrapping the
ImageFactory and one possible solution is to use the  functionality
which is provided by the javax.imageio.spi.ServiceRegistry class. This
seems to provide a simple mechanism by which a service provider (in
this case an implementation of ImageFactory), can register itself and
then be subsequently invoked. However the one thing that does concern
me is that this mechanism only supports a single service provider
(full details are on the JavaDoc page for ServiceRegistry) and that
could be a problem in a situation where you may want to offer the user
a choice of ImageFactory implementations e.g. an Eclipse plugin
whereby you can highlight a core file and choose which implementation
to analyse it with.

2009/5/8 Adam Pilkington <>:
> I've recently been writing some Eclipse plugins to use Kato, in particular a
> runtime explorer, and I came across the issue of how you actually start
> using the API when the first step is creating an instance of a concrete
> implementation of ImageFactory. How do we ensure that we don't end up
> building against a particular implementation and also that we can easily add
> others at a later point in time. I know that Eclipse provides an extension
> mechanism that handles part of this problem but at some point you have to
> connect up to the actual implementation of the API (this of course assumes
> that Eclipse is being used as the delivery platform rather than something
> else).
> One possible solution that comes to mind is that we extend the ImageFactory
> API to enable provider specific information to be retrieved e.g.
> getProviderDescription, getProviderMajorVersion and getProviderMinorVersion.
> If we consider an Eclipse based scenario then a particular provider can use
> the extension point infrastructure to identify itself to a tool, and then
> using the provider information, the toll could give the user the choice of
> which one to use.
> --
> Regards
> Adam Pilkington


Adam Pilkington

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