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From Sonal Goyal <>
Subject Re: Kato Infrastructure setup - list to discuss
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 15:18:16 GMT
Hi Steve,
>From what I understand, we can follow the steps at
and add the project status report with the website link. The project link
would automatically get inserted into the incubator site, and Clutch should
be able to use this info as well.

Thanks and Regards,

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 10:39 PM, Steve Poole <>wrote:

> Hi,
> Having got the holiday season out of the way I'd like to push now on
> getting
> the Kato project moving.  The infrastructure items that need
> completing/discussing are
>   1. Creating a Wiki.  I vote for a Confluence flavor of wiki rather than
>   MoinMoin.   Apparently from this page (
> the
>   CWIKI guys would like a PMC member to take the admin role.  The name of
> the
>   space would be "kato" presumably :-)
>   2. Create  components in the Kato Jira instance.    We have the following
>   obvious areas - is this a reasonable split?
>   - Test Compliance Kit.  Items under this component  would cover TCK
>      development and issues arrising about  execution validity.
>      - API specification - items here would cover user story creation,
>      bugs in the spec and spec development
>      - Reference Implementation  (nuf said)
>      - Test Harness. The TCK is only one part of the test suite. What we
>      are developing needs a complex test setup and execution environment -
> its
>      big enough to need its own component
>   3. Create at least two versions in the Kato Jira Instance.   We have an
>   obvious 1.0 delivery version and a need for somewhere to store items that
>   will happen after that.  Not sure if there is any standard form?
>   4. SVN repository needs basic  trunk/branches/tags structure setup
>   5. For spec development we would like to provide the JSR Expert Group
>   members with the oppotunity to be able to contribute directly to the
>   specification (ie the API interface classes ) and to the TCK testsuite.
>   Some of the EG members cannot contribute to the RI development directly
> (due
>   to IP issues with exposure to Sun JVM internals) and so I'd like to
> explore
>   how we can resolve this?
>   6. We need a website for Kato setup -  I don't have much exposure to the
>   alternatives proposed - which is best ? or do we roll our own?.  Note
> that
>   we need to publish the API spec (in the form of javadoc pages) and the
>   binaries that we create.
>   7. The kato website, once created will need to be linked-to in various
>   places on other ASF pages. We need a list of these places made and
>   eventually get our links inserted.
>   8. ASF have a Hudson server and I'd like to use it to do the build and
>   basic unit testing.  We'll need a job on Hudson set up.
>   9. TCK testing is likely to be expensive in cpu terms.  I don't know if
>   we can lean on ASF hardware for this activity.  IBM has machines that are
>   already building and testing DTFJ and there is no problem with them being
>   used to build and test Kato for the duration of the JSR development.
> However
>   I'd like to be clear on what we need to do to ensure that the Kato
> project
>   has a good hardware story for the future.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks
> Steve

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