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Subject svn commit: r1377266 - in /incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site: apt/userguide/environment/jee_applications.apt resources/images/env_app_database.png
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 11:28:21 GMT
Author: jbonofre
Date: Sat Aug 25 11:28:21 2012
New Revision: 1377266

Resume JEE applications section of the documentation


Modified: incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/apt/userguide/environment/jee_applications.apt
--- incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/apt/userguide/environment/jee_applications.apt
+++ incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/apt/userguide/environment/jee_applications.apt
Sat Aug 25 11:28:21 2012
@@ -176,4 +176,24 @@ Databases
   * set update blocker (green puzzle piece) or not update blocker (grey puzzle piece).
-  * 
+  * execute the update (the wheel icon)
+  * delete the database
+  By clicking on a database name or on the "Add Database" button, you will open the database
details window.
+  In the database window, you define the database configuration. For this, you have two ways:
+  * you define a system command that will be used to execute the SQL scripts (for instance,
sqlplus for Oracle database,
+  or mysql for MySQL). You can use variables here, a the %s special character is the location
of the SQL script file in
+  the command.
+  * you define a JDBC connection to access the database, and execute SQL scripts.
+  The system command is the preferred way, it means that if you define a system command,
the JDBC parameters are ignored.
+  You can also delegate the database update to a specific agent (most of the time the database
is on a dedicated server).
+  The "SQL scripts" tab allows you to define the SQL scripts to execute on the database.

Added: incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/resources/images/env_app_database.png
Files incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/resources/images/env_app_database.png
(added) and incubator/kalumet/trunk/documentation/src/site/resources/images/env_app_database.png
Sat Aug 25 11:28:21 2012 differ

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