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Subject [jira] Subscription: outstanding kafka patches
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2012 19:00:58 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: outstanding kafka patches (54 issues)
The list of outstanding kafka patches
Subscriber: kafka-mailing-list
Key         Summary
KAFKA-628   System Test Failure Case 5005 (Mirror Maker bouncing) - Data Loss in ConsoleConsumer
KAFKA-622   Create mbeans per client 
KAFKA-621   System Test 9051 : ConsoleConsumer doesn't receives any data for 20 topics but
works for 10
KAFKA-607   System Test Transient Failure (case 4011 Log Retention) - ConsoleConsumer receives
less data
KAFKA-606   System Test Transient Failure (case 0302 GC Pause) - Log segments mismatched across
KAFKA-604   Add missing metrics in 0.8
KAFKA-583   SimpleConsumerShell may receive less data inconsistently
KAFKA-552   No error messages logged for those failing-to-send messages from Producer
KAFKA-547   The ConsumerStats MBean name should include the groupid
KAFKA-544   Retain key in producer and expose it in the consumer
KAFKA-530   kafka.server.KafkaApis: kafka.common.OffsetOutOfRangeException
KAFKA-521   Refactor Log subsystem
KAFKA-514   Replication with Leader Failure Test: Log segment files checksum mismatch
KAFKA-493   High CPU usage on inactive server
KAFKA-479   ZK EPoll taking 100% CPU usage with Kafka Client
KAFKA-465   Performance test scripts - refactoring leftovers from tools to perf package
KAFKA-438   Code cleanup in MessageTest
KAFKA-419   Updated PHP client library to support kafka 0.7+
KAFKA-414   Evaluate mmap-based writes for Log implementation
KAFKA-411   Message Error in high cocurrent environment
KAFKA-408   ProducerPerformance does not work with all producer config options
KAFKA-404   When using chroot path, create chroot on startup if it doesn't exist
KAFKA-399   0.7.1 seems to show less performance than 0.7.0
KAFKA-398   Enhance SocketServer to Enable Sending Requests
KAFKA-397   kafka.common.InvalidMessageSizeException: null
KAFKA-388   Add a highly available consumer co-ordinator to a Kafka cluster
KAFKA-374   Move to java CRC32 implementation
KAFKA-346   Don't call commitOffsets() during rebalance
KAFKA-345   Add a listener to ZookeeperConsumerConnector to get notified on rebalance events
KAFKA-319   compression support added to php client does not pass unit tests
KAFKA-318   update zookeeper dependency to 3.3.5
KAFKA-314   Go Client Multi-produce
KAFKA-313   Add JSON output and looping options to ConsumerOffsetChecker
KAFKA-312   Add 'reset' operation for AsyncProducerDroppedEvents
KAFKA-298   Go Client support max message size
KAFKA-297   Go Client Publisher Improvments
KAFKA-296   Update Go Client to new version of Go
KAFKA-291   Add builder to create configs for consumer and broker
KAFKA-278   Issues partitioning a new topic
KAFKA-273   Occassional GZIP errors on the server while writing compressed data to disk
KAFKA-264   Change the consumer side load balancing and distributed co-ordination to use a
consumer co-ordinator
KAFKA-260   Add audit trail to kafka
KAFKA-251   The ConsumerStats MBean's PartOwnerStats  attribute is a string
KAFKA-242   Subsequent calls of ConsumerConnector.createMessageStreams cause Consumer offset
to be incorrect
KAFKA-196   Topic creation fails on large values
KAFKA-189   Create a script for dump segment tool
KAFKA-184   Log retention size and file size should be a long
KAFKA-175   Add helper scripts to wrap the current perf tools
KAFKA-173   Support encoding for non ascii characters
KAFKA-169   Layering violations in Kafka code
KAFKA-163   Ruby client needs to support new compression byte
KAFKA-139   cross-compile multiple Scala versions
KAFKA-134   Upgrade Kafka to sbt 0.11.3
KAFKA-133   Publish kafka jar to a public maven repository

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