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Subject [jira] Subscription: outstanding kafka patches
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 19:00:41 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: outstanding kafka patches (15 issues)
The list of outstanding kafka patches
Subscriber: kafka-mailing-list
Key         Summary
KAFKA-222   Mavenize contrib
KAFKA-221   LICENSE and NOTICE problems in Kafka 0.7
KAFKA-210   javaapi ZookeeperConsumerConnectorTest duplicates many tests in the scala version
KAFKA-202   Make the request processing in kafka asynchonous
KAFKA-200   Support configurable send / receive socket buffer size in server
KAFKA-197   Embedded consumer doesn't shut down if the server can't start
KAFKA-196   Topic creation fails on large values
KAFKA-191   Investigate removing the synchronization in Log.flush
KAFKA-175   Add helper scripts to wrap the current perf tools
KAFKA-173   Support encoding for non ascii characters
KAFKA-169   Layering violations in Kafka code
KAFKA-163   Ruby client needs to support new compression byte
KAFKA-134   Upgrade Kafka to sbt 0.10.1
KAFKA-133   Publish kafka jar to a public maven repository
KAFKA-77    Implement "group commit" for kafka logs

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