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From Dave Koelmeyer <>
Subject Re: Quick search has stopped working
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 10:11:38 GMT
On 17/03/13 11:01 PM, Florian Holeczek wrote:
> Hi Dave!
>>> is it only the Quick search which isn't working, or any search 
>>> functionality at all?
>>> Have you tried yet to rebuild the Lucene index for your wiki?
>> It is actually both, looking at it. I'm seeing a greatly reduced 
>> number of returned search results (and quick search results) 
>> apparently compared to versions of JSPWiki earlier than 2.9.0. I've 
>> been clearing out the contents of my JSPWiki working directory which 
>> is where I understand the Lucene cache to be put, unless there is 
>> another method of rebuilding the index. I can post a video 
>> screencapture of what I'm seeing if it helps at all.
> OK, then I'm pretty sure that we're simply dealing with a corrupted 
> index here.
> Yes, the index is stored under <workdir>/lucene. So, wiping the 
> workdir while JSPWiki is down and then restarting JSPWiki will lead to 
> generation of a new index sooner or later. This is normally the way to 
> go when dealing with a corrupted index. Updating the index can be done 
> via JMX, too, AFAIR.

Hi Florian.

Thanks, but I've tried all this and there has been no change in 
behaviour. Also, I've got two instances of JSPWiki running on the same 
host platform, and I'm not seeing this with JSPWiki 2.8.3.


Dave Koelmeyer

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