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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: Photo Collection plugin
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 16:46:20 GMT
On 09/08/10 16:38, Fritz Schneider wrote:
>> I have looked carefully at my code and have two observations:
>> a) the built-in default for thumbspfx is an empty String. It is just
>> possible that your line is assigning something else
>> (space or carriage return). Could you please simply delete or comment
>> out this line and let my own global default take effect?
> Done, but no visible change it was finding my un-prefixed thumbs fine
> before.

OK, I was just being paranoid.

>> b) my own thumbs are built by a package called ginp, which assigns a
>> thumbnails sub-directory name of ".ginp". Under linux, any files or
>> directories whose names start with a dot are treated as hidden (like the
>> windows hidden attribute). The PhotoCollectionPlugin behaves like a
>> linux filesystem viewer and by default will hide anything with a leading
>> dot. I manually added showhidden='true' to the [{INSERT
>> PhotoCollectionPlugin}] command in one of my directory wiki pages... and
>> I a hyperlink to create a page for my thumbs directory appeared!!!
> I use the Irfanview utility, and it adds a suffix to the thumbnails. If it's
> not too much trouble, a thumbssfx property would be very useful.

Could you give me an example of a full thumbnail filename and how you 
would like it to appear after processing by this possible thumssfx feature?

>> Unfortunately, your thubnail directory does not start with a leading dot
>> and I don't have the converse logic to let you "hide" it.
>> I will add this feature in a new release (see separate post coming
>> soon), but in the meantime, could try renaming one (or all) of your
>> thumbnail subdirs to ".thumbs"? I predict the unwanted hyperlinks will
>> miraculously disappear!
> As predicted, renaming the directory made the unwanted links disappear. The
> Windows file Explorer was not very cooperative. It thought I was creating a
> file with a blank name and an extension of ".thumbs" even though it was a
> directory. I had to use another program to do the renaming.

Great to know this has resolved your problem. Your test confirms that I 
haven't overlooked anything else important.

> While a way to ignore certain directories explicitly might be useful, I
> would think that the default would be to always hide the thumbs directory,
> no matter what its name.

That was exactly what I had in mind. I can't imagine a situation where 
one would want to specifically create a wiki page for an explicitly 
configured thumbnails directory. The only reason this feature doesn't 
exist already is because the thumbs directories were already "hidden" by 
their initial dots on my system.

How urgent (for you) is this "always ignore thumbnails directories" 
feature? I can't tell whether you've changed them all for now, or will 
just turn a blind eye to the pointless hyperlinks until the next version 
of the plugin.

By the way, I don't intend producing a way to hide "non hidden" 
directories or files. I don't intend writing platform-specific code to 
detect the windows hidden attribute, either.



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