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From Chris Haynes <>
Subject Friendly page titless
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 20:58:07 GMT
Hey! Just a minute! 

Is this the new Wiki structure which permits pages to be organized into directory groups (that
I was asking for last year)?

Is it in a standard release yet? 

Is it documented anywhere other than in the eMail thread?

Did I miss some big announcement or is _this_ it?

Regards, from a happily-expectant


On Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 6:31:52 PM, Brian Burch wrote:

> 2. I found several quirks in the way friendly page titles were generated
> and have improved the algorithm.

> 3. While working on point 2, I found several situations where the 
> algorithm that generated the associated wiki page name lost information
> about the file path that would have helped the friendly page title 
> logic. Reluctantly, I decided to make a non-backward-compatible change.
> In many cases existing wiki pages will be named exactly as before, but
> it is possible for existing pages to "apparently" disappear!

> The types of paths that will map differently are:
> File path --------original wikiname -------- new wikiname
>    abcd/2xyz          Abcd2xyz                   Abcd_2xyz
>    abc3/2xyz          Abc32xyz                   Abc3_2xyz
>    abcD/2xyz          AbcD2xyz                   AbcD_2xyz
>    abcD/Wxyz          AbcDWxyz                   AbcD_Wxyz

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