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From Tom Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Hints for Integrating Custom Authentication?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:26:15 GMT
I was able to fix the problems I encountered.  In case someone else
runs into the same difficulties, there were two issues at play.

The first was that the hostname I'd set in the tomcat config and file was not fully-qualified.  This caused
preferences not to be saved because the JavaScript had an invalid
value for Wiki.BasePath (jspwiki-common.js, line 244).  It had the
last few characters of the hostname and the first few characters of
the context name.  Adding the domain name to the hostname in both
those files got it working correctly.

The second was just a permissions problem.  The user and group
databases were not writable by the Tomcat server process owner.

On 1/13/10, Tom Wheeler <> wrote:
> I may have spoken too soon in my previous message.  I think I'm
> probably close, but it's definitely not working.  Most of my confusion
> comes from outdated documentation related to authentication in the
> Wiki.  Several times I've followed something that seems to address my
> problem, only to find out that it's for some earlier version and does
> not apply to 2.8.3.  In the end, I am not really sure what's correct
> for my version.
> .

Tom Wheeler

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