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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Contributed Plugins License
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:39:51 GMT
> I think finally Contributed Plugins should also be together with JSPWiki
> sources on Apache servers. I guess that means contributions have to be
> Apache licensed, anyway.

Well, eventually they would have to be Apache-licensed if we wanted to distribute them.

> I understand contributors would have to sign Individual Contributor License
> Agreement.

This is correct.  However, in Apache lingo "Contributor" is the guy who actually contributes
code which eventually ends up in the Apache SVN.

> In the mean time I'd suggest to put this text on the Contributor Wiki page:
> -----
> As JSPWiki is under Apache license we ask you to put your contributed
> plugins under Apache license, too. So other JSPWiki users can legally use
> your plugins together with JSPWiki.
> You might also consider create a project for your plugin on,
> or another hoster for open source project and link to it from here.
> -----

That's incorrect. ASL only governs distribution, not use.  So you can use whatever code you
want together with JSPWiki, no matter how it's licensed.  However, the Apache JSPWiki project
can only put stuff in the SVN which has been licensed under the ASL, and the contributor has
signed a Software Grant or a Contributor License Agreement.

But it might be a nice idea to start a separate project on one of the places you mention to
gather the plugins into a single place and help building code which is not directly maintained
by JSPWiki committers.

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