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From "" <>
Subject Re: The state of WYSIWYG editing for JSPWiki
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 17:31:34 GMT
  cannot remember exactly how - but I have it working following that 
page instructions with 2.8.2.x (and I believe in 2.8.3 nothing changed 
in this respect)

As for the 'paste from word', FCK allows to cut&paste from word and any 
other rich editor (not tried bit should work with OO). However, please 
take into
account that:
- a number of features are not exported/handled neatly. Expecially if 
you have complex tables, this is likely to mess your wiki
- also most formatting parts are converted to html/%% markup in wiki ... 
and the results is not that nice.
After some test we decided to provide a very small FCK toolbar with very 
few formatting commands (basically what could be transformed painlessly in
standard wiki markup) and to disable C&P from word (FCK has an option to 
convert to plain text while pasting, and to leave full menu to expert 
people only
who knows what to do if something get messes (read: edit the result 
with  emacs or alike to clean the mess).

The problem is not in writing to wiki vs doing cut&paste, but in doping 
a decent cleanup of markup ... any other experience report appreciated.


Juergen Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> what is the state of WYSIWYG editing for JSPWiki? 
> I tried
> but this doesn't seem to work any more with 2.8.3 (the option to change the
> editor is simple not there).
> Also, there is a newer version of this editor.
> Has anybody tried with a standalone editor? I wonder if one could adapt
> OpenOffice Writer (or even MS Word) to produce some clean XHTML/XML which
> one would transform into Wiki pages. (FCKEditor does this, doesn't it?)
> Or has somebody had succes with Eclipse WTP + it's html editor?
> It would be really nice if one could Eclipse/ OO Writer File -> Open
> Wikipage and get the file with some RPC mechanism (or WEBDAV?) and have it
> in the WYSIWYG editor.
> The Ekit Applet also looks interesting:
> Thanks for any opinions,
> Juergen

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