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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: Hiearchical Security???
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 17:31:56 GMT
No, you understand very well. If you don't have predictability in the
page names, it might be hard to use wildcards. Nonetheless, you might
be able to use it as a work-around in the short/medium term.

There is no firm release date on JSPWiki 3. There will likely be an
alpha release before the end of the year, but that release probably
won't have full hierarchical page support. If that feature doesn't
come in the alpha, it will certainly be in the beta.


On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 9:46 AM,  <> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Thanks for your reply.  I am looking at the documentation that
> you have suggested, but am still a bit confused.  As I do not
> know what the pages that will be created in the furture are
> called, and since the pages that exist today do not follow a
> single wildcard pattern (xyz* for example), I'm not sure how
> this method would be any different other than it would require
> the administrator to keep track of the pages and update the
> policy file accordingly.  Have I misunderstood somethings?
> BTW, When is JSPWiki 3 with support for hiearachical sub-pages
> going to be avaialble?
> Thanks again.
> ---------Original Message---------
> You can approximate what you have described by editing the
> jspwiki.policy file in WEB-INF. The policy specifies what
> permissions
> are granted per role, and for all roles. You can name ranges of
> pages
> that the permissions are granted to, also, by using wildcards.
> JSPWiki 3 will have support for sub-pages, which are
> hierarchical. But
> in the meantime you can still do quite a lot with the existing
> policy
> grammar.
> Check out the documentation on -- there's an
> extremely
> detailed article that describes the security features in detail.
> Andrew
> On Oct 1, 2009, at 22:46, wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm fairly new to JSPWiki.  However, I have managed to get
> page
>> level security working with page directives such as [{ALLOW
>> view SocialCommittee}].
>> My question is, can this be made to apply hiearchically to all
>> pages below and linked to by the page it is decelared on?  If
>> not, is there a way to achieve this effect?  I'd like to have
>> a 'secured' area in the wiki that does no rely on each author
>> remembering to maintain this declaration on each page he/shee
>> edits or creates.
>> Your thought and idease will be greatly appreciated.
>> TIA!

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