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From "Weis, Todd" <>
Subject RESOLVED: Upgrade from v2.0.52 to v2.8.1 has broken attachments
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 20:07:01 GMT
Duh...   Forgot a backslash in directory name for attachments!

-----Original Message-----

I recently upgraded from 2.05.52 to 2.8.1 and all my links for in-line
attachments are broken.  The files still exist, the system doesn't
recognize it.


Page does not recognize it has a an attachment (doesn't show up on
attach page).

Inline images shows as broken x.


I did notice that the syntax has changed somewhat.


Old in line image

[{Image src='james.jpg' link='attach?page=JamesPage%2Fjames.jpg'
caption='James pic' alt='link to full size image' }] 


New in line:

[{Image src='james.jpg' link='attach/JamesPage/james.jpg' caption='James
pic' alt='link to full size image' }]


I'm also not sure where it is storing the attachments in this new

Old version had it in a attachment directory.


Any suggestions on how to fix?




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