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From "Volkar, John M." <>
Subject MultipleWikis >> Security 2.3 FAQ
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2009 10:57:28 GMT
I was looking into setting up a 2.8.x with security, and was looking to
see if jspwiki.policy could be set in server.xml  as a context parameter
like I do for the file (see MultipleWikis page).

There is a question on the MultipleWikis page about this that links to
page "Security 2.3 FAQ".  This appears to require a login, I (of course)
have forgotten what I used for the site, and attempted to
re-register.  In several attempts to register I get a "invalid profile"
message (presumably because one of the elements I was using to register
existed my old profile?).  So I'm wanting the info on that page, so I
figure fine, I'll just register as a temporary user "SnarfBlatt", and
just use that profile... 

The registration succeeded, but when I then tried to access the page
"Security 2.3 FAQ", I get a "Forbidden" message.  The site shows me as
Authenticated as "SnarfBlatt", but access is denied? 

So two questions:
1) Why can't I get to the page "Security 2.3 FAQ" as SnarfBlatt?  (Idle
2) How can I override the jspwiki.policy on a per-wiki basis when
setting up MultipleWikis?

John Volkar

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