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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Where are messages stored?
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 08:04:28 GMT

Very good point; I had forgotten about the class resolution order.   
Yeah, I believe this would be a nice solution to all; no need to zip  
anything back together.


On 18 Apr 2009, at 09:56, wrote:

> Janne, I agree with you. Moreover given that (at least in tomcat  
> 5.5, but i believe in general) class loading order is
>   * //WEB-INF/classes/ of your web application first
>   * //WEB-INF/lib/*.jar/ of your web application later
> so, if someone needs to modify a localized version for any reason,  
> he/she can simply extract the relevant file from the bundle and  
> leave it directly into classes.
> If a new version come, it has simply to be checked variations  
> against modified version; or drop it to see 'default' behaviour. And  
> the 'normal' user would had to
> do nothing.
> Luca
> Janne Jalkanen ha scritto:
>>> I agree with Harry. My only difficulty was finding out what was  
>>> needed. Why not have the templates directory in /WEB-INF/classes  
>>> by default on install but have all the values commented out. Then,  
>>> should anyone want to make changes, they simply have to find the  
>>> right one, uncomment the line, edit it and they are away! Leave  
>>> the default values in JSPWiki.jar.
>> A good reason to keep them out of /classes/ is the difficulty of  
>> upgrading. For example, we might reshuffle keys from one property  
>> file to another (we've done this) or introduce new property files.  
>> This would make upgrades yet a bit more difficult, since these  
>> would become yet another configuration file to be merged.  In  
>> addition, they would be the burden of *everyone*, even those who do  
>> not wish to change any localization.
>> It's better to have few bigger files than a lot of small files when  
>> upgrading...
>> So in short, I'm worried about the overall maintenance overhead  
>> this would cause people, which might not be worth the while  
>> considering how rarely people need to change them.
>> /Janne

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