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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: JspWiki in clustered environment
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 18:08:26 GMT

Nope, you're quite right. This is one of the reasons for the backend  
change in 3.0.

What I would do is that you should reserve one machine for updates,  
and have the rest just work as read-only machines. JSPWiki *should* be  
able to detect any changes, as it would treat them as "someone changed  
the page manually outside JSPWiki" -events.  You may need to tweak the  
CachingProvider parameters though.


On 7 Apr 2009, at 18:06, Alexey Kakunin wrote:

> Hi!
> Does anybody has experience of deploying JspWiki into clustered  
> environment?
> Actually, we are prepearing EmForge to be installed into cluster of  
> two
> tomcats used one shared DB.
> JspWiki played key-role in our project (it is used for storing all  
> textual
> information) and many functionality in EmForge are related to JspWiki.
> Question is - does anybody has experience of deployment of JspWiki  
> into
> clustered environment.
> For example - looking into ReferenceManager - there is some info  
> cached in
> map, and updated by events.
> But, if during changing some page, request may be sent to one of  
> computer in
> cluster. As result, even will be fired on this node, and reference  
> manager
> information will be updated only in this node.
> So, another node will contain outdated information in  
> ReferenceManager.
> Same problem (looks like) may happens in CachePageProvider (ok, it is
> possible to disable caching)
> Or, I'm wrong - and everything will work well?
> -- 
> With Best Regards,
> Alexey Kakunin, EmDev Limited
> Professional Software Development:

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