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From Dirk Frederickx <>
Subject Re: SingleVersionForSavesBySameUserWithinHour implemented?
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 19:09:43 GMT
I used to have a kind of 'hacked' JSPWiki version as described in

It allowed the user to overwrite the same version in very specific conditions :

1) The user must be logged in. (authenticated)
    Anonymous or asserted users can not overwrite versions, i.e., each
change will be registered with new page versions (security).

2) The user must be the same as the last author of the page
    A sequence of edits by different users will be registered as
different page versions

3) The change of the page must happen within one hour since the last
modification When subsequent edits happen with intervals of more then
one hour, a different page version will be created.

When all of these conditions hold, a checkbox "overwrite latest
version" was added to the edit screen, checked on true.
If needed ,the user could still decide NOT to overwrite, but save the
changes to a new version.


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