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From Peter Schart <>
Subject Re: Preferences not being saved
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 16:33:50 GMT
Replying to my own post...  Anyway, it seems as though the cause of  
most of my problems is javascript files not getting added to the  
page.  Apparently, "TemplateManager.addResourceRequest()" calls are  
not happening correctly.  The prefs page does not have "jspwiki- 
prefs.js" included and the edit page does not have "jspwiki-edit.js"  
or "posteditor.js" included.

Any ideas as to why addResourceRequest() calls would be failing?

thanks again,

On Mar 10, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Peter Schart wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion, David.  Unfortunately, I don't think this  
> is the problem either.  As far as I can tell, the permissions are  
> correct.
> The deeper I dig trying to fix this the more I am starting think  
> that something is just totally screwed (quite possibly the server  
> itself and nothing to do with JSPWiki).
> I just keep finding more and more "weirdness" - like when I go to  
> the Attach tab on a page I get the "You don't have access to <page  
> name>" message (even though I'm logged in as a member of group Admin  
> which has AllPermission in my policy) and yet it happily lets me  
> upload... ?
> If I could recreate the problem on my test box I could probably  
> figure this out but everything works exactly as I expect it to on my  
> test box with the exact same setup, .policy and .property files...   
> I'm truly stumped.
> Back to digging...
> pete
> P.S. I may have found a culprit for the prefs not saving thing.   
> When I load the prefs page I get a javascript error about  
> "WikiGroup" not being defined (it's a line that spits out the group  
> members to the group tab of the preference page).  The line is, for  
> example: "WikiGroup.putGroup("Admin", "<user>\n<user2>\n", "created  
> on ....");"  I'm guessing that the js error might be preventing the  
> cookie-writing from executing.  But again, I don't get this error on  
> my test box so it's probably going to be difficult to track down the  
> cause.
> On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:24 PM, David Gao wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have similar experience before. My case is that I cannot change  
>> password no matter how I tried. NB. my JSPWiki is running on CentOS  
>> linux. And finally I found that the ACL for one of jar files in WEB- 
>> INF/lib folder is not corrected set. Tomcat simply has no right to  
>> access that file.
>> Everything works fine after I chmod the jar file to the correct  
>> ownership. Hope this helps.
>>> Thanks for the quick response, Janne. I thought of the baseURL  
>>> thing, but I just double checked and -- as far as I can tell --  
>>> they are correct.  As I mentioned, I have two wikis running --  
>>> each with a separate *.properties file -- one has a baseURL of "

>>> " and the other is the same except the last path element is "/ 
>>> client-wiki/".
>>> The same type of configuration works on my test machine with "http://localhost/gal-wiki/

>>> " and "http://localhost/client-wiki" so I'm thinking it must be  
>>> something else.
>>> Again, maybe I'm just missing something...
>>> thanks again,
>>> pete
>>> On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>>>> Hi ho!
>>>> The probable reason is that your server has the wrong baseURL.   
>>>> This causes cookies to be written for the wrong domain name, and  
>>>> your browser won't send them back to the server (because cookies  
>>>> can only be sent to the same server which set them in the first  
>>>> place).  There's no way JSPWiki can really detect this (since  
>>>> it's not actually an error case as such), so you wouldn't be  
>>>> seeing anything in the logs :-)
>>>> Hope this helps!
>>>> /Janne
>>>> On 9 Mar 2009, at 23:06, Peter Schart wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> (New here, so go easy on me!)
>>>>> My problem is pretty simple to describe but it's driving me  
>>>>> batty.  I'm running 2 wikis under Jetty (I have a bit of a  
>>>>> strange set up but for the most part it's similar to the "step  
>>>>> by step" guide to having multiple wikis).
>>>>> On my test machine everything works as intended but for some  
>>>>> reason on my live server preferences are not being saved to the  
>>>>> cookie.  It has prev. search and asserted name but never updates  
>>>>> if I, say, try to enable section editing or change the skin.   
>>>>> This is true (both that it works on my test machine and doesn't  
>>>>> on the live server) in all browsers I've tested.  It doesn't  
>>>>> give any errors or indication that anything failed, it simply  
>>>>> doesn't save them and redirects to Main.  Going immediately back  
>>>>> in to the prefs shows the defaults.
>>>>> Additionally, none of widgets on the plain editor (Bold,  
>>>>> underline, insert table, etc...) do anything.
>>>>> I've looked everywhere I could think of for error messages or  
>>>>> some indication of why it isn't working and I can't find  
>>>>> anything at all.
>>>>> I could go into more detail if anyone thinks it will help, but I  
>>>>> thought (hope) there might be something obvious or oft- 
>>>>> encountered that I am just missing...
>>>>> Advice? Suggestions?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> peter schart
>> -- 
>> David Gao (

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