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From David Gao <>
Subject Re: LDAP Login problems (Login.jsp?redirect issue)
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 06:33:48 GMT

I wrote an article about LDAP configuration in Tomcat on 
That may be of some help. Take a look at:

This may be related with how 'userPassword' is encrypted in LDAP. It 
seems this configuration(comparison mode) only works for plaintext 
passwords. You may not log into JSPWiki or other applications if the 
password is encrypted in other digest algorithms like MD5,SHA,SSHA, etc.

I've used LDAP authentication for JSPWiki since 2.6.x. The following is 
my configuration fragment:

  <Realm   className="org.apache.catalina.realm.JNDIRealm" debug="99"
            userPattern="uid={0}, ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"

David Gao (

> Hi Wyllys,
> The same problem I faced when I tried for LDAp authentication.
> The role name you mentioned in server.xml of Tomcat must match with role
> name you specified in web.xml of Jspwiki.
> How you are extracting ROLE Name from LDAP 
>  <Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.JNDIRealm"
> 		connectionURL="ldap://URL:389"
> 		connectionName="uid=admin,ou=Directory Administrators,dc=domain,dc=com"
> 		connectionPassword="admin"
> 		userBase="ou=Root,dc=domain,dc=com"
> 		userSubtree="true"
> 		userSearch="(uid={0})"
> 		userRoleName="groups"
> /> 
> Choosing userRoleName  is very important.
> e.g. User is member of 2 groups 
> groups= abc
> groups=pqr
> You can either use abc or pqr in web.xml of Jspwiki for authenticated area
> and admin area.
> There may be many groups or one common group which include all members. 
> Just try this out and let us know result.
> Regards,
> Trupti Patil
> Wyllys Ingersoll wrote:
>> Just following up on my earlier problem with LDAP login using JSPWiki
>> 2.8.1
>> The problem seems to be in how Login.jsp handles the "redirect" after a
>> user
>> successfully authenticates (using container-based LDAP authentication).
>> The login succeeds and the user is redirected to
>> "Login.jsp?redirect=Main",
>> but Login.jsp doesn't want to allow that to happen and does not perform
>> the redirect, instead it brings up the "/error/Forbidden.html" page.
>> I can click through on the "Better luck next time" link and get to the
>> main page and show up as "authenticated" and continue as an authenticated
>> user, with all of the privileges I would expect.  
>> Login.jsp seems to be broken in some way when combined with LDAP container
>> auth,
>> but I'm not enough of a JAAS expert to go in and debug it.
>> -Wyllys
>> Wyllys Ingersoll wrote:
>>> I installed JSPWiki 2.8.1 and configured it to use LDAP authentication 
>>> with  my
>>> corporate LDAP server.  User are able to login and authenticate using
>>> their
>>> LDAP name/password combinations correctly, but immediately afterwards 
>>> they are
>>> greeted with the "Forbidden" page:
>>> ...
>>> Forbidden
>>> Sorry, but you are not allowed to do that.
>>> Usually we block access to something because you do not have the correct 
>>> privileges (e.g., read, edit, comment) for the page you are looking for. 
>>> In this particular case, it is likely that you are not listed in the 
>>> page’s access control list or that your privileges aren’t high enough 
>>> (you want to edit, but ACL only allows ‘read’).
>>> It is also possible that JSPWiki cannot find its security policy, or 
>>> that the policy is not configured correctly. Either of these cases would 
>>> cause JSPWiki to block access, too.
>>> Better luck next time.
>>> ...
>>> Also, I see this in the error log upon comletion of the Login form:
>>> ...
>>> [21/Mar/2009:06:48:28] security ( 5976): Error while checking role 
>>> membership of XXXX in Admin:     [NSACL4330] HTTP5094: while trying to 
>>> get attribute "user-exists"
>>>     [NSACL4330] HTTP5094: while trying to get attribute "userdn"
>>>     [NSACL5860] HTTP5113: ldap password check: LDAP error: "Insufficient 
>>> access"
>>> ...
>>> When I click on the "better luck next time" link, the "G'day" message 
>>> shows my username and says I am authenticated and the users seem to have 
>>> the necessary privileges (the "Edit"
>>> button is available, etc).
>>> What can be done to fix the issue that is causing the "Forbidden" page 
>>> to come up immediately after login?
>>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>>  Wyllys

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