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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: wish lists
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 08:11:32 GMT

I, like others I am sure, am curious as to exactly what features you
think that  JSPWIKI "will need to develop a bit more"?  

If you need more control over document editing, it might be worth
considering a CMS (content management system).  If you want to stick
with a JAVA/Tomcat stack, then some examples are:

Alfresco, for example, offers "drag and drop" functionality for
document management - see:

>>> On 2009/03/19 at 07:35, in message
"Cole, Ronald" <> wrote:

Dear JSPWiki Community,
Just want you all to know that we are rooting for you.
I manage an open source project myself. We are creating a way for
non-programmers to create multi-player online training simulations. (see for details)
We need a good document editing tool to allow players to work on
documents together. This is kind of tricky since one has to point to the
document by the specific database and document id of it. We are using a
very simple, but functional, WYSIWYG editor right now (openWYSIWYG 1.0).

I*d like to have more features than what we have now, specifically
the ability to prevent players from clobbering each other*s edits, but
ease of installation is a big deal for us. Right now all we have to do
is copy the files up, and boom its installed.
We are working on an apache/tomcat stack already, so I would rather use
JSPWIKI than a php based wiki, but from what I*m seeing, JSPWIKI will
need to develop a bit more before we can just *pop* it in. 
So please keep up your good work!  You are making my life, and the
lives of many other people, better.

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