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From Mikkel Troest <>
Subject Re: linking to javadocs
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 01:54:42 GMT

It has a "baseurl" parameter which you could substitute for you "lib" or
"module". It's a quick hack-together. Have a look, and use it if you
like it!

:O) Mikkle

Bob Paige wrote:
> We have javadocs available on our tomcat server so I'm looking for the most
> convenient way to link to them from our wiki. They are divided into a number
> of libraries and lots of packages. I'd appreciate some thoughts as to the
> best way to do this.
> My first thought was interwiki links. There are not so many libraries that I
> couldn't define links for them, but that would still yield the following
> syntax:
> [lib1:com/company/pkg/pkg/pkg/MyClass]
> which doesn't look like a Java class name at all.
> Side note: It would be cool if I could enter "" and have
> JSPWiki change the "." for "/" using some regex.
> My next thought was a plugin. Not hard to write. The syntax would end up
> being:
> [{Javadoc module='lib1' class=''}]
> Then I could control the display and the URL transformation as well. This is
> a bit more typing than the interwiki link, but does the job.
> Has anyone else needed to solve this problem or have any thoughts on this?

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