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From Bob Paige <>
Subject checkboxes?
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 15:18:35 GMT
I'd like an opinion about a feature I think would be useful for JSPWiki.

In TiddlyWiki (a single-user wiki) they have the concept of checkboxes in a
page. You might use it for a to-do list or something similar. The point is,
when you write the markup you can include checkboxes and these checkboxes
have state that is also expressed in the markup. The syntax they user
conflicts with JSPWiki's markup, but that is a separate issue.

I could use this today for things like meeting notes in a wiki page or a
todo list of tasks for a project. Instead of me editing the page to change a
word from 'in process' to 'done' or something similar, I would like to be
able to simply check a box and know the state is changed and the page is
updated on the server.

Assuming that make sense, this becomes a question of implementation. I see a
few options here.

1) Every click on a checkbox immediately sends a message to the server to
modify the page and save the state.
The advantage to this solution is accuracy.

2) A click on a checkbox starts a Javascript timer (say, 10 seconds or
whatever is reasonable) that will trigger the message later
The advantage to this solution is fewer updates if you are clicking several

3) Define a Javascript handler that sends the update when you leave the page
(I think this is possible)
This solution sends the fewest updates to the server (fewer version changes
on the server) but the disadvantage is that you may lose an update if the
browser crashes or is closed, etc.

All of this assumes that changing the state of a checkbox is something that
can be done even if the page has been updated on the server (i.e. the
message to update a checkbox identifies the checkbox to be updated and that
change is applied to the copy of the page on the server; the entire page
need not be sent in every message).

Does this sound useful, or dangerous? Is there anything out there already
like this?



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