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From Roland Whitehead <>
Subject New page template
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 08:41:00 GMT
I have been asked to provide templates for new pages. When someone  
creates a new page, rather than having a blank empty page, they want  
some pre-written information (such as ACLs, various headers and so  
forth) already in place.

There are two stages to this request:
1. Provide a default pre-populated new page and
2. Provide multiple different pre-populated pages, perhaps based on  
some naming in the original link.

As an example I am thinking along the lines of something like:

[my new page | myNewPage template='thisTemplateName']

Clicking on this when "myNewPage" doesn't exist would produce a new  
page based on "thisTemplateName". "thisTemplateName" would already be  
a wiki page so that "myNewPage" would effectively be a clone of  
"thisTemplateName". If "myNewPage" already exists then the template  
would just be ignored.

Even if 2 isn't currently viable, has anyone got any suggestions for a  
default pre-populated page template? Have I missed something obvious?


QURU Ltd, London

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