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From Mikkel Troest <>
Subject Re: 2.8.1 + Referring Pages Plugin + JDBC Provider not working
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 13:26:23 GMT

JDBCProvider has only been tested with JSPWiki versions up to (and
including) 2.5.X.

I think the internals of JSPWiki related to the provider mechanism has
changed slightly since then. Unfortunately the JDBCProvider team has
been dormant since the JDBCProvider 2007-03-05 release, so any changes
to the belly of the beast are still not reflected in the JDBCProvider.

Funny stuff, really - I actually checked out the JSPWiki 2.8.1 code AND
the JDBCProvider code yesterday, because I thought I'd have a look at
the compatibility with newer JSPWiki versions...
I'll have a look at it over the weekend and post a time frame for
bringing the provider up to speed. I'll post this at the JDBCProvider

:O) Mikkel Troest (on behalf of the JDBCProvider dev. team)

Bob Schulze wrote:
> I cant get this Plugin to work on 2.8.1 
> I see some code in ReferenceManager.initialize() that prevents it to collect
> references - somebody came across this already? It seems to work with the
> file system provider...
> Bob

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