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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Section links in IE7
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 16:40:33 GMT

No, it's not.  That's how it has worked pretty much since day one,  
and as far as I know, I've been the only user of this feature, so  
I've never really bothered to fix it...

I have kinda been waiting for JSPWiki 3 and some metadata features of  
it before rewriting the whole thing.


On Dec 3, 2008, at 18:04 , wrote:

> Uhm, I suspect there is something wrong then in what I see (check  
> on
> - the weblog entry page has a link to the weblog page - and a link  
> to add a weblog comment
> - but if you add a comment, this goes to the disussion page and  
> when you save you have taken there,
> where I see back link (well, actually there is as it likely left in  
> the trail ... ok for me but not for a naive
> end user)  .. or it is there and I simply cannot see it?
> Luca
> Dirk Frederickx wrote:
>> If you want to jump back to the weblog page, you will need to modify
>> the template jsp's.
>> However, imo this is not logical. You are editing the comment  
>> page, so
>> you should view that page when done.  Notice that the current  
>> template
>> has a link back to the weblog page, so it's just one click away.
>> dirk
>> On 12/3/08, Luca Gilardoni <> wrote:
>>> I'm giving a try at the weblog stuff.
>>> Everything seems reasonably ok, but when I'm in a weblog entry  
>>> page (e.g.
>>> I
>>> see the add comment link as
>>> This is fine, but as soon as the comment is added, the browser is  
>>> redirected
>>> back to the comment page
>>> ( and
>>> not to the weblog entry page, which is what one would expect.
>>> Is there a way to force redirect to the weblog page on save?
>>> Tx
>>> Luca

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