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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Where are the contributed plugins?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 13:06:41 GMT
This seems too stupid to post to the wiki, even as a "stupid question". 
I'm interested in Scott Hulbert's SlideShowPlugin, but I can't find it 

I've trawled the jspWiki web site and it tells me that each plugin's 
specific page should have a download link, but all of Scott's plugins 
pages have url's that seem to point back (recursively) to themselves. 
People have mentioned that they have downloaded them, but not said from 

The plugin is not shipped in the 2.8.1 zip - it is not part of the 2.8.1 
war or in a separate file.

I've searched the apache incubator and ../org. 
I've found quite a few plugins, but none from Scott. was very recently updated by 
Janna Jalkenen to say the plugins are showing their age, so would 
someone please update them... and even more recursive references.

Please.... can anyone tell me where to download the source (and perhaps 
the class files) for the SlideShow plugin?

Thanks (sorry for being stupid)


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