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From "Volkar, John M." <>
Subject Disappeared Attachments
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 13:12:20 GMT
I'm confused by something basic.  I created a page and uploaded two
attachments.  They uploaded just fine, and showed on the attachment tab.
A link on that page to those attachments worked properly.  All was well.

Then... Something happened...  

(Possibly after I 'bounced' the system where by 'bounced' I mean I:
stopped tomcat, deleted the work folder and deleted the wiki's
'work/temp' folder; but I do this quite often to my other wiki's...  ) 

The links to the attachments now show as create-new-page links.  The
attachments themselves show on RecentChanges, but clicking on them gives
an ugly tomcat 404 message.

Other pages with attachments uploaded *after* "something happened" are
all just fine.  (And I'm now twitchy about 'bouncing').

I'm using 2.8.1 with ShortViewURLConstructor on a windows box with
versioning file provider and basic attachment provider...  This is my
first 2.8.1 install and I'm twitchy about it.

The attachments *are* on disk.  My page dir and attach dir are the same

I'm confused.  Any ideas?  I haven't cracked open the log file but don't
*think* that I'll find a clue there.

John Volkar

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