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From "Hobbs, Joseph" <>
Subject RE: permissions question
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 18:13:02 GMT
I have a similar scenario as well.  I have a team using a Wiki to
document their Operational data (private to team), but would also like
to use wiki's to distribute information out to the rest of the company
(public to internal users).  The other issue is that Operations Data and
'Documentation' are intermingled, so searching can be an issue when
you're looking for document on X, but instead get a listing of everyone
referencing X.

My current solution was to break things up in 3 separate wiki's.  I have
an Operations, Documentation, and Public wiki.  They're side by side and
I've configured Inter-Wiki links to allow people to easily link between
them.  The Public wiki is readable by any internal user, whereas
Documentation and Operations are limited only to team members.  This
allow us to segment data appropriately, and gives us an easy means of
publishing data internally as well.

To take things a step further, I also have Roles configured for
Authenticated, Author, and Admin.  Authenticated can read, Authors can
create/modify, and Admins can do the rest.  You also have Wiki ACL's to
give you page by page control where necessary.

Not the best solution, but it's working so far.  It takes a bit more
planning and some content cleanup, but in the end I think it will make
things much easier to deal with content wise.

As far as permissions tag, are you referring to the [{ALLOW <something>
<someone>}] tag?  I use this today to prevent Authenticated or Author
users from modifying Wiki 'structure' pages such as TitleBox or
LeftMenu.  These pages are restricted to edit by Admin, but are viewable
by anyone.  I use a combination of:

	[{ALLOW edit Admin}]
	[{ALLOW view All}]

This grants edit to Admin, but allows anyone to view the content.  Don't
forget the 'view ALL' though, or only Admins will be able to edit and
view.  The downfall to this solution is that existing pages not for
public consumption need to be modified to limit access.  New 'dev' pages
would also have to be tagged, or they'd be visible as well.

Joseph Hobbs
Lead Technology Architect
Enabling Technologies : Technical Services
Fifth Third Bank
Phone : (513) 534-5908
Fax : (513) 534-3408
Email :

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From: Bob Paige [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:56 PM
Subject: permissions question

Up til now we have one JSPWiki in-house for use by development. But now
are finding that some of the assumptions made by engineering need to be
documented for customer service (CS) and the trainers. These assumptions
being documented in the dev wiki, but we are looking for the best way to
make them available to CS and I'd like opinions.

Optimally, I restrict which pages the CS people can see by some rule.
I am planning on a single "CustomerService" page as the entry-point for
people, fashioning a rule that only allowed them to see pages that link
the "CustomerService" page would be good.

Option 1: send 'em a link
The simplest thing to do would be to show them where the wiki is and
have at
it. As long as they don't login, they can't change anything.

The downside to this approach is that CS may stumble upon dev-oriented
pages which could lead to more questions ("what does this mean?") or,
worst-case, CS tells the customer something based on their (potentially
flawed) intrepetation of what they find there.

Option 2: assign permissions on each page
This page ( says you can only
specify edit permissions, and what I would want is the ability to
which pages the CS person could view

- doesn't seem to provide what I need
- would require adding the permission to every page I want excluded

Option 3: write a filter
I could write a filter that does what I described above; if the page
link to the "CustomerService" page, don't let them see it.

- gotta write the filter (not too hard)
- if we want the CS people to add pages in the future, how well would

Option 4: separate wiki
I could easily create a separate wiki for the CS people.

Downside: dev people would have to switch to the other wiki to create
pages for it, which goes against my whole motivation in doing this.



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