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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki + Ubuntu
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 12:03:53 GMT
Hi *;

I was rude enough to post a quick reply there, hope it'll be of some help

Murray Altheim schrieb:
> As for answering this guy's questions, I've only had to set JAVA_HOME
> for my own local build environment, never for Tomcat, which seems on
> Ubuntu to manage just fine when letting the Synaptic Package Manager
> do all the installations of Apache, Tomcat and Java. I've not had to
> touch any of that on a default Ubuntu installation.

For what I see, most of these questions basically come down not to JSPWiki
related stuff but rather to fundamental issues of administering a given
servlet container (tomcat, glassfish v3, whatever). That's where I see the
problem of having these packages available to "simply" be installed using
apt-get in Ubuntu is tempting also to those not at all knowing how to, say,
deploy a Java EE .war module...

> After installation I've just used the Tomcat Manager to start and
> stop the web app.
> I don't know how to build a .deb file though, sorry.

Personally, seeing too many "badness" arising from distribution specific
packaging of Java and related technologies, so far I have come to a
conclusion of not to use any of these off .debs anyhow but rather use the
"plain" versions in all these cases (not mentioning the understanding that
packaging a Java application which is per se platform-agnostic in a pretty
much platform dependent format such as .deb seems sort of funny). Maybe
however a "batteries included" version of JSPWiki to come with embedded
tomcat/jetty would help much here...


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