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From "Harry Metske" <>
Subject Re: jspwiki questions
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 17:00:41 GMT

what would be necessary to resolve the "ASF licensing issues" ?
A signed ICLA by Gregor ( ?


2008/9/30 Janne Jalkanen <>

> See
>> Looking at the history of this page: the Plugin was written by Gregor
>> Hagedorn, and there was no objection against taking this in as a core
>> plugin.
>> However, it is still not in the core , I don't know why (anyone else any
>> idea ?), looking at the source I don't see any objection, and we probably
>> could add it to the core and support it.
> Nobody has driven it into the core.  And now we would need to resolve the
> ASF licensing issues as well.
>  I think this also is a result of the fact that we do not normalize page
>> names correctly at the moment ?
> Yes.  Page name normalization is a good question, and I'm not at all sure
> what the best strategy on that should be.
>  I have no experience with this, but ReferenceManager does not anticipate
>> that, also some plugins use caching techniques that do not anticipate this
>> (but you can disable this caching via
> This is correct.  Changing the DB outside of JSPWiki is pretty much
> something that is not guaranteed to work - however, we do try to recover if
> it is detected.
>  Making JSPWiki fully "cluster aware" is a design issue, I don't know if
>> that
>> is considered in 3.0, anyone else ?
> Sort of.  Clustering and HA are mostly a function of the backend, and if
> the backend supports that, then the upper layers should support it too.  I
> don't know whether any JCR backends support clustering, though.  But I think
> we should change at least the ReferenceManager into using the repo as well,
> so the storage is persisted.  Same goes for variables, obviously.
> I am less sure about the SearchManager, since it's better to have the
> search indexes locally (and we have better control directly with Lucene than
> through the XPath search API anyway).
> /Janne

met vriendelijke groet,
Harry Metske
Telnr. +31-548-512395
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