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From Steinebach Christian <>
Subject No local images using pdf plugin
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:53:42 GMT


I installed the pdfplugin and everything worked fine except that
local images did not show up.
I probably found the reason, but don't know how to fix it.
The file default.xsl contains the parameter

 <xsl:param name="baseJSPWikiURL">http://localhost/wiki/</xsl:param> 

When an image address does not start with http:// 
$baseJSPWikiURL is prepended (code from default.xsl)

- <xsl:choose>

- <xsl:when test="contains(@src, 'http://')">

  <xsl:value-of select="@src" /> 


- <xsl:otherwise>

  <xsl:value-of select="$baseJSPWikiURL" /> 

  <xsl:value-of select="@src" /> 



In my case the installation is not at http://localhost/wiki
and therefore a local image as in [An Image| myimage.jpg] cannot be found.
If I use the complete URL, e.g.
it works.

Is there a way to get the base url from
If not, is it possible to define a different xsl stylsheet to be used?
Or do I have to change default.xsl directly in the jar file?

         Thanks for any help
             Christian Steinebach

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