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From Benedikt Mohrmann <>
Subject Re: Dynamically inserting forms
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 07:34:39 GMT

I didn't get it unitl now.
My goal is to dynamically add wikimarkup into the page.
To be more precise, I am trying to add a sortable table (via the 
%%sortable Tag) into my document, which contains the content that my 
Plugin returned.

Thus I tried things (in my plugin) like:
return "%%sortable myContent  /%"
return "%%sortable \n myContent \n  /%"
return "%%sortable <br> myContent <br> /%"

but none of this alternatives solved my problem, because there is never 
a table inserted into the document, but only the String!


Janne Jalkanen schrieb:
>> My Plugin returns a String, which contains e.g. "[{FormTextarea 
>> name='output' rows=10 cols=80}]".
>> But it does not create a TextArea, but instead just prints the String 
>> on the Main Page!
> Hi!
> Plugins should always insert XHTML.  If you want to return wikimarkup, 
> you'll have to first run it through RenderingManager.
> /Janne

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