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From Simon Kitching>
Subject non-ascii characters in file names
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 15:14:17 GMT

I'm having trouble with JSPWiki 2.6.3 and unicode characters. I would 
appreciate some help.

I've installed jspwiki 2.6.3 on SuSe linux, which is UTF-8 by default:
 > locale

 And I've left the setting of "jspwiki.encoding = 
UTF-8" alone.

I then create a page "sktest1", with a link to a page that has a 
lowercase german a-umlaut char in it.
The page (and the link text) look file; the a-umlaut is displayed correctly.

Clicking on the link brings up the "edit" window, but the page name is 
corrupted: it shows uppercase-a-with-tilde, not lowercase-a-with-umlaut.

The filename created on disk is "Sktest1%C3%83.txt".

If I create a page with u-umlaut, then that character also gets encoded 
as "%C3%83", ie it is not possible to have files "Sktestä" and 
"Sktestü", as they result in the same filename.

Interestingly, the first char of the filename appears to be forced to 
uppercase, but I don't really care here. However any character following 
a non-ascii char appears to also be forced to uppercase:
  blätter  (that's an a-umlaut)
(note that first t has become a T).

BTW; I'm testing with Firefox 3.x.

Hopefully I've just made some minor config mistake, but I can't see what 
at the moment. Any suggestions gratefully received!


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