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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: Unit test WikiEngineTest.testSpacedNames1 fails on case-sensitive operating systems
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 17:12:27 GMT
Hallo Harry,

> Now I know that Windows (NTFS) is less or more case-insensitive, and
> I guess MacOS is also case insensitive (not sure).

OS X is case sensitive!

> The problem is that I can't easily test JSPWiki on non-*nix type systems,
> can these three files also be created on MacOS or Windows ?

Just tested it on my Windows XP machine with Tomcat 6 and JSPWiki
v2.7.0-alpha-36 with the following weird results:
* input used on the sandbox:
  [This is a test]
  [this is a test]
  [ThiS Is a teSt]
* result on the page: the first two links go to the nonexistent page
  "This is a test" (same page!), the third goes to the nonexistent page
  "ThiS Is a teSt".
* clicked on the first link to create the page, typed something, saved
* back on the sandbox page, the first two links now shup up in blue
  (existent), the third is still red (nonexistent).
* clicking on the third link ("create") opens an edit window with the
  content of the first page! No matter if one clicks cancel or save
  now, after going back to the sandbox page the third link now shows up
  in blue, too (and directs to the existent page).
* On the file system, the page has got the name "This+is+a+test.txt".
  However, if one starts creating the page via the third link, the
  file name is "ThiS+Is+a+teSt.txt".

Well, again, I think one has to think about normalizing page names.
Only if clear mapping rules exist, it is possible to implement an OS
and page provider independent equality-function.


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