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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: Unit test WikiEngineTest.testSpacedNames1 fails on case-sensitive operating systems
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 18:34:22 GMT
> besides case-insensitive, NTFS is also case preserving, which (If I
> understand your tests) explains the behavior if you create pages in
> different order.


> Also, the ReferenceManager is case-sensitive, that's why you get red links
> (while clicking on it, the page exits), it keeps 3 references to the same
> physical page (on windows).

> It's not an easy one to fix,

That's clear :-) I don't even think this can or should be fixed in
2.8. However, for future versions, one should think about
normalization rules for page names.

> how will this be in a JCR repo ?

JCR is the "Java Content Repository API". It's only an API for a
content repository! Behind this API, there may still be different
"providers" for different storage targets (This is also true for
Priha. AFAIK Janne is working on an internal API which allows for
reusing existing providers with minimal refactoring efforts).

So in JCR, too, this will be an issue without page name normalization.


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