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From Ronald Cole <>
Subject incorporating JSPWiki into our peace tool
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 21:12:38 GMT
Dear JSPWiki Community Member,

Here at the United States Institute of Peace we are working on a tool  
to allow people to create online training simulations. It is an open  
source tool, and I believe we will be incorporating the JSPWiki into  
part of it.

Frequently in these simulations the players will need to be working  
on a shared document. We could just tell them to save and refresh  
often, and that 'who ever saves last wins' but it seems that given  
the availability of wiki software that we can do better than that.

Players will log in to the web site where their simulation is  
running, so I want to make this work for their authentication into  
the wiki. (These are just training scenarios, so it is a low security  
application.) Once they are in, and tab over to the page where the  
shared document exists, I just want them to see a page where they can  
edit, but acts kind of like a wiki: they will be able to see previous  
versions, people won't be able to clobber each other's works, it will  
have some sort of auto-refresh built into it, etc.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on this, please let me know.

Thanks in Advance,

Ronald "Skip" Cole
Senior Program Officer
United States Institute of Peace (
(202)457-1700 ext 4717

"It should be our pride to teach ourselves as well as we can always  
to speak and write as simply and clearly and unpretentiously as  
possible, and to avoid like the plague the appearance of possessing  
knowledge which is too deep to be clearly and simply expressed." --  
Karl Popper

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