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From Mike Cirioli <>
Subject Re: incorporating JSPWiki into our peace tool
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:17:49 GMT
The way I would look at it might be to treat the jspWiki code as an API 
and rendering engine that you build your app around.  That lets you 
control the UI and other things specific to your simulations, but still 
retain the underlying power of the wiki, which you can use for rendering 
whatever pages you need for each actor.  You could also layer your own 
edit system on top that should help you avoid clobbering multiple 
versions of an edit.  By submitting their edits to your application, you 
will have the control to properly feed them into the wiki, maybe as 
separate wiki pages using some sort of page name scheme for 
identification.  When you display you would just concatenate all the 
pages in a series and render them via the wiki, then use your app to 
display the resulting string of rendered wiki text


Skip Cole wrote:
> Hi,
> I did not mean to imply that it does. Actually that is the kind of 
> behavior I'm trying to avoid.
> My problem really is that I want to cut away a lot of the wiki, so all 
> an actor sees is the one page that is particular to them: one document 
> accessible to a group of actors in one particular playing session of 
> one particular simulation in one particular organization's database 
> schema.
> (If I'm passing a URL to do this it might look something like this: 

> )
> Locating a document in our 'simulation universe' should be transparent 
> to the user, so all of this has to be taken care of programmatically - 
> and our tool can do just that. But presenting a document with 
> 'wiki-like' characteristics in side of our universe is the trick.
> I can see I'm going to have to dig around in the code to do this. Its 
> always just hard for me to gauge if making someone else's code is 
> easier than just making it work myself. I don't like re-writing stuff, 
> but sometimes it is quicker.
> Best,
> Skip
> On Sat, 9 Aug 2008 14:31:34 +0300
>  Janne Jalkanen <> wrote:
>> JSPWiki does not do "whoever saves last wins" - the pages are locked  
>> while they are being edited, and people are given a strong warning  
>> prior to editing.
>> Is this sufficient?  You can fine-tune the policy by editing the JSP  
>> files.
>> /Janne
>> On Aug 8, 2008, at 00:12 , Ronald Cole wrote:
>>> Dear JSPWiki Community Member,
>>> Here at the United States Institute of Peace we are working on a  
>>> tool to allow people to create online training simulations. It is  
>>> an open source tool, and I believe we will be incorporating the  
>>> JSPWiki into part of it.
>>> Frequently in these simulations the players will need to be working  
>>> on a shared document. We could just tell them to save and refresh  
>>> often, and that 'who ever saves last wins' but it seems that given  
>>> the availability of wiki software that we can do better than that.
>>> Players will log in to the web site where their simulation is  
>>> running, so I want to make this work for their authentication into  
>>> the wiki. (These are just training scenarios, so it is a low  
>>> security application.) Once they are in, and tab over to the page  
>>> where the shared document exists, I just want them to see a page  
>>> where they can edit, but acts kind of like a wiki: they will be  
>>> able to see previous versions, people won't be able to clobber each  
>>> other's works, it will have some sort of auto-refresh built into  
>>> it, etc.
>>> If you have any ideas or suggestions on this, please let me know.
>>> Thanks in Advance,
>>> Skip
>>> Ronald "Skip" Cole
>>> Senior Program Officer
>>> United States Institute of Peace (
>>> (202)457-1700 ext 4717
>>> "It should be our pride to teach ourselves as well as we can always  
>>> to speak and write as simply and clearly and unpretentiously as  
>>> possible, and to avoid like the plague the appearance of possessing  
>>> knowledge which is too deep to be clearly and simply expressed." --  
>>> Karl Popper
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> Ronald "Skip" Cole
> Program Officer
> United States Institute of Peace
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> (202)457-1700 ext 4717
> “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war” – Asian Proverb

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