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From Konstantin Chekushin <>
Subject Re: refferers bug?
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2008 09:37:32 GMT
And I found one more bug in core plugin.

Page Test

Another page with following content will be not shown on the page
Test (in a list generated by the plugin)
      [TesT] does not handle the case correctly
 Quoting Florian Holeczek : Hallo Konstantin,
 I've experienced this issue in v2.7.0-alpha-3, too.
 Could you please file a bug entry in the JIRA bugtracker?
 Urspr&uuml;ngliche Nachricht vom 31.07.2008 um 12:29:
 &gt; 1.  Create page [mytest]
 &gt; 2. In &quot;mytest&quot; create 2 pages:
 &gt; * [AB]
 &gt; * [A B]
 &gt; (We can see, that both links point to the same page.)
 &gt; 3. Go to the &quot;AB&quot;, enter some content, save page.
 &gt; 4. In the &quot;AB&quot; page:
 &gt; go to the &quot;Info&quot; and rename page to &quot;ABC&quot; (
Update referrers - &quot;yes&quot;)
 &gt; Here we go! We have a new page &quot;ABC&quot;, but &quot;A
B&quot; didn't changed.
 &gt; I thing, this is a bug.


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