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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Absolute/relative sizing of default template
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2008 22:05:15 GMT
I think this is probably a question for Dirk, as it regards the
default template.

I build a number of templates off of the default, and in a recent
update a change was made that now affects resizing, such that as
a user increases or decreases the font size, the padding and/or
margins of the page are now changing as a relation to the font
size. This causes any headers, footers, logos, etc. that are
normally positioned absolutely to now be positioned relative to
the padding/margins now affected by the font size, which is
causing various components to move around the page improperly.

I've looked into the CSS files to try to locate exactly where the
change has happened, i.e., where something that used to be a fixed
size (e.g., 'px') is now relative to font (e.g., 'em') but nothing
is obvious.

I imagine this would affect anyone else using the default template
as a basis for customization. Any help in solving this would be
appreciated. [I can put this into JIRA if desired.]



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