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From Hassan Schroeder <>
Subject Re: UTF-8 not rendered in wiki page
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 18:31:40 GMT
T E Reisler wrote:

>>>From what I can tell (I may be wrong, havne't read that carefully),
> JSPWiki assumes POST requests would come to it from the container in
> UTF-8 if you specify jspwiki.encoding =UTF-8. But tomcat6 (what I use)
> still decodes POSTs in ISO8859-1, regardless of URIEncoding. Apparently
> Sun's containers handle this "correctly", so it seems to be a container
> issue, and not a JSPWiki issue.

URIEncoding doesn't affect POSTed data, only GET parameters.

Re' POST, The Servlet Spec (2.4 version quoted here) sez:

SRV.4.9 Request data encoding
   Currently, many browsers do not send a char encoding qualifier
   with the Content-Type header, leaving open the determination of
   the character encoding for reading HTTP requests. The default
   encoding of a request the container uses to create the request
   reader and parse POST data must be “ISO-8859-1” if none has been
   specified by the client request.

There's more, of course :-)

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