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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: create a new page from a template?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 00:38:47 GMT
Bob Paige wrote:
> Jann,
> Is there some way to create a new page from a template? I've discovered how
> to set a small amount of text in the new page by appending it to the URL,
> but a more versatile approach would be great.
> I'm thinking something like
> http://localhost:8080/trivinwiki/Edit.jsp?page=MyNewPage&template=NameOfTemplatePage
> Could page filters do the trick? Are page filters called before the editor
> is displayed for new pages? Then I could look for some parameter on the URL
> to determine which page I should return as the template.
> I tried stepping through the debugger and it doesn't look like filters can
> be used in this way, but I thought I'd ask.


Check out the NewPageHandler, part of the FormPlugin:


Even if you don't use the form you can likely use the handler (it is
itself a WikiPlugin).

I think you've already mentioned this, but permitting users to
programmatically create pages could be a security nightmare.


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