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From "Bob Paige" <>
Subject Re: creating new pages
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:08:09 GMT
By 'template' I really mean 'starting point'. The template for a
specifications document might contain tags identifying it as a spec, plus
some standard headings.

As far as my solution sounding like a database, I'm guilty there :) . My
early database experience makes me consider most every problem as a
data-driven one. Still trying to break that habit.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 4:29 AM, Murray Altheim <>

> Bob Paige wrote:
> [...]
>> Since my user-base is not especially inclined to writing documentation, I
>> want to make this all as automatic as possible. Thus, I feel that things
>> like tags and namespaces can go a long way to automating the linking
>> process. JSPWiki provides good search capability, so I am not as concerned
>> about 'lost islands of pages'.
>> I imagine the usage would work something like this:
> [...]
>> I see the implementation something like this:
>> 1. the ProjectList page uses the WikiTags plugin to display all pages
>> tagged
>> as a project
> If you're talking about the tag plugin I've written, the HasTagPlugin is
> the one. Alternately, the QueryPlugin might also work. But this only
> *displays* a list of page. It may be that you'd be better off using the
> TagManager (which supports the TagPlugin and HasTagPlugin), or feeding
> the output of the QueryPlugin into Yet Another Plugin.
>  2. each project page uses the Namespaces plugin to list pages related
>> to it
> Unclear how this might be used.
>  2a. similar-feature pages can have similar names in the namespace, i.e.
>> Project1.login, Project2.login, etc..
> I'm wary of using wiki page names or trickery within page names as a
> means of categorization. Artificial, fragile, and likely frustrating
> to users. Better some means of providing either a set or a list of
> page names.
>  3. key details of each page could be tagged, i.e. DatabaseAccess,
>> Encryption, etc. for cross references
> "tagged"? Sounds like you are really looking for a fielded database.
> I've got a BibRefPlugin that extends the FormPlugin (i.e., the single
> plugin version I wrote) to act as a template such that clicking on a
> link pops up a customized dialog box containing Swing fields that can
> be edited, then the result is pasted back onto the page. I've had
> limited success with that, and getting the field order, field length,
> etc. correct has proven time-consuming and tricky. In short, that last
> 10% of work hasn't been finished (too many other things in the queue).
>  Once the ProjectList page is created, new projects are added by creating
>> new
>> pages (see #1), rather than everyone editing and re-editing the
>> ProjectList
>> page. Same for pages related to the project; you name it appropriately
>> (for
>> the Namespaces plugin) and it "magically appears" in the right places.
>> Do you see where I am coming from?
>> The next step would be to provide templates for certain types of pages so
>> they have similar structure.
> Yes, I think so. It really sounds like it needs some kind of templating
> mechanism, otherwise things are going to get either very complicated for
> users or very tricky for developers, or both. How that might be
> approached is a conundrum. If a wiki page acts as a template, what happens
> if that page changes? etc. There's a lot of questions on how to approach
> this. I'm almost tempted to make the templates XML attachments rather than
> wiki text, since it might be more important that they're stable than being
> editable.
> Murray
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