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From "Amit Prahesh" <>
Subject Adding a little structure
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 20:19:48 GMT

I've been using and abusing JSPWiki for a while now, and it sure looks
perfect for my needs, I even made a custom template! I just love the
idea of a "freeform" knowledge database.

But I need just a little structure for a section of my app, and that's
my question. Imagine that I have a page called EmployeeAlice in which
I put a table, like this:

First name | Alice
Last name | Whatever
Department | Accounting

well, you get the idea. I also would like to have a page called
EmployeeBob which contains roughly the same structure:

First name | Bob
Last name | Whatever
Department | IT

you get the idea.

Now, is it possible, out of the box, or via plugins, to dynamically
sift through the pages (like Employee*) and get information from them?
Like creating a list of employees grouped by department, or maybe
reporting their salaries, etc.

Best regards,

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