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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: proxy problem
Date Sun, 22 Jun 2008 14:37:44 GMT

My *guess* is that you're losing cookies in some point - make *sure*  
that the jspwiki.baseURL is the same as the URL you use to access  
it.  Otherwise JSPWiki will return cookies in another domain, your  
browser will refuse to serve the cookies back to JSPWiki, thus  
essentially simulating a perpetual logout.  Note that even  
"" is different from "" from the  
browser's point of view.

This is very probably an issue with your configuration, not JSPWiki  
as such.


On Jun 17, 2008, at 15:55 , Branko Kokanovic wrote:

> sorry for this sparse subject, but I can't define problem more.
> We're using jspwiki in our corporate environment and everything  
> worked like a charm until couple of days ago when we switched to  
> using squid as proxy cache. Suddenly, logging was problem since,  
> after logon, we were taken to http://host/wiki/Login.jsp? 
> redirect=StartPage and it just said:
> Forbidden
> Sorry, but you are not allowed to do that.
> ...
> Better luck next time.
> That is the only thing that was reproducible. All others reported  
> by our users involved some strange behaviors while editing (someone  
> is already editing that page...) and saving pages and such. (I  
> can't tell you more because they seem like random events). We  
> eventually solved it by not using proxy for it (putting  
> in firefox's "no proxy for" text box) (and deleting  
> all cookies!), but we're not comfortable by that idea that  
> something needs to be done on client (user) side. So, my questions  
> are:
> 1) is this behavior of jspwiki behind proxy cache normal (jspwiki  
> version is 2.4.103) (e.g. do you already know for this)
> 2) is it solvable with upgrading to newest jspwiki? (is anything  
> done in the meantime)
> 3) anyone have experience what else we can do to override this  
> behavior? (in jspwiki part)
> As you see, our problem is kind of solved, so this mail need to be  
> taken as possible bug report too. Also, if you need any other  
> information I can provide, tell me.
> greetings, branko kokanovic

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