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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Hyperlinks starting with file:
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 11:12:35 GMT
Gavin Goldsmith wrote:
> Hi
>> Sounds reasonable. However, in our case we have a number of 
>> documents of various types - Word, Excel, TeX, PDF, 
>> PowerPoint, etc. that we want publish to all users of the 
>> wiki. 
> A possible solution is to create a shared folder within the structres
> which  JSPWiki/Tomcat is able to "serve up". The files can then be
> placed there and accessed with standard markup, e.g. [Label/Description
> | http://servername/JSPWiki/images/xmlCoffeeCup.png].
> You can do this with all file types recognised by JSPWiki (there was a
> reference to this on this list earlier today).

Yes, and the directory used could even be a symbolic link, i.e., you
wouldn't have to move the files from their existing location. It
would be relatively easy to write a plugin* to provide an index of the
files in a given directory, so you could even avoid having to do any
manual creation of links (which would be the case if you were to use

You can edit the file extensions recognized by JSPWiki as attachments
by editing the value of jspwiki.attachment.allow in
$WIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/ If you were providing links
to files in a directory the the file extensions are handled by the
user's browser. These would of course be http: protocol links, not
file: links (since they're being served by Apache/your server from
a suitable directory rather than an arbitrary location on the server).


* likely using
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