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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Hyperlinks starting with file:
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 09:54:41 GMT

It is indeed for security purposes. Few systems administrators would
want to install software that permitted external users to access any
file on a server, or even have access (at all) to the local file
system. Wikis in general don't need such access so there's not much
of an argument for including it. It probably wouldn't be too difficult
to modify JSPWiki to permit it, but nobody would want that as a default.

Murray wrote:
> says
> "The link can also be a direct URL starting with http:, ftp:, mailto:, 
> https:, or news:, in which case the link points to an external entity. "
> I wonder why file: is not allowed. If I type something like
>    file://localhost/myanmar.xls
> into my browser's address field (and hit Enter), OpenOffice Calc is 
> launched and opens the file named. It doesn't happen if, instead of 
> file:, the link starts with http: (in which case I get the dreaded 
> "Object not found!" error.)
> Now, I wanted to put a link like that (file:) into a JSPWiki page. But 
> clicking it doesn't work - there is no error message, even. (If I start 
> the link with http:, it's "Object not found!" again.)
> Just curious whether there is a reason for this, or whether it's 
> something no one else finds useful...
> Sakari Aaltonen


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