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Subject Re: Hyperlinks starting with file:
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 10:30:59 GMT
Lainaus Murray Altheim <>:

> Sakari,
> It is indeed for security purposes. Few systems administrators would
> want to install software that permitted external users to access any
> file on a server, or even have access (at all) to the local file
> system. Wikis in general don't need such access so there's not much
> of an argument for including it.

Sounds reasonable. However, in our case we have a number of documents  
of various types - Word, Excel, TeX, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. that we  
want publish to all users of the wiki. It seems very complicated and  
error-prone to try to transform all these existing documents into some  
JSPWiki format (by plugins?). Instead, it would be much easier, I  
think, to keep the documents as they are, and just launch an  
appropriate program (in a separate window or tab) when a user clicks  
on the name of a document, wanting to have a closer look.

(Also, the wiki is intended to be strictly internal to the workplace  
here. We shall make an effort not to have external users.)

Sakari Aaltonen

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