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Subject Hyperlinks starting with file:
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 07:13:20 GMT says

"The link can also be a direct URL starting with http:, ftp:, mailto:,  
https:, or news:, in which case the link points to an external entity. "

I wonder why file: is not allowed. If I type something like
into my browser's address field (and hit Enter), OpenOffice Calc is  
launched and opens the file named. It doesn't happen if, instead of  
file:, the link starts with http: (in which case I get the dreaded  
"Object not found!" error.)

Now, I wanted to put a link like that (file:) into a JSPWiki page. But  
clicking it doesn't work - there is no error message, even. (If I  
start the link with http:, it's "Object not found!" again.)

Just curious whether there is a reason for this, or whether it's  
something no one else finds useful...

Sakari Aaltonen

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